Facial Treatments in Gilbert

What Do Facials Treat?

Facials are the perfect ingredient to treat yourself to self-care because you deserve it every day! A facial treatment will not only address acne or blackheads but can lift and peel away sunspots and signs caused by aging. You can enjoy a quick pampering or specialized treatments designed to resurface your skin. Our spa in Gilbert offers a number of facial packages targeting just about any skincare need.

fire & ice facial treatment

Facial Treatments


Fire & Ice Facial


The Classic is a 45-minute treatment that includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation and surface extractions, mask and a moisture cream which together help improve the skin’s texture, tone and elasticity. A relaxing arm and hand massage is an added bonus! A consultation will be done to recommend further specialized treatments with our Luxe Facials or other services.

Our Luxe Facial is an hour-long specialized and relaxing treatment with exclusive products designed for a more intensive and customized treatment of skin issues. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, enzyme treatment, mask and cream to help improve skin texture, tone and elasticity. Includes a relaxing hand and arm massage, as well as a scalp massage.

Otherwise known as the “Red Carpet Facial” from iS Clinical, Fire and Ice is a Hollywood-favorite, especially prior to red carpet events because of its fantastic results and minimal downtime. It was designed to bridge the gap between a chemical peel and regular facial by safely and rapidly resurfacing the skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while also improving the appearance of uneven skin tone and blemishes. It is perfect to get before a major event such as a wedding, engagement, graduation, or red carpet event, because of zero downtime and incredible results!

This innovative 45-minute facial combines the power of enzymes with a gentle foaming action to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Whether you’re dealing with acne, dullness, or uneven texture, this facial is designed to address a range of skin concerns and leave you with a radiant and glowing complexion. Encouraging lymphatic drainage, this facial includes application on face, neck, and chest.

Chemical peels are a technique of applying a chemical solution to improve the appearance of your skin and fight signs of aging. The solution causes your skin to exfoliate and then leaves new and regenerated skin that’s smoother and less wrinkled. You might have heard some intense stories about chemical peels, and folks peeling like reptiles for days and days; we understand this can seem daunting. Rest assured that Colair Beauty Lounge and Med Spa has a variety of peels with different levels of intensity. Also, your aestheticians will make you fully aware of what you can expect during and after your treatment.

Done by taking a scalpel and scraping the top layers of dead skin off, dermaplaning sounds way more terrifying than it actually is. Our top-rated and experienced skin experts make sure you’re in good hands. With all of that dead skin removed, your products will penetrate your skin so much better. You’ll find that you’re using less cream/serum and it glides on much easier. Dermaplaning helps improve the texture of the skin but also works on the tone too. It’s especially good for hyperpigmentation and helps with “hyperkeratosis” which is a buildup of the top layer of skin that not only dulls your complexion but also contributes to acne.

VI Peel Purify for Acne-Prone Skin

While this intensive peel may result in slightly more downtime due to increased peeling from salicylic acid’s drying effects, the results are well worth it. Say goodbye to breakouts and reveal a clearer, more radiant complexion with this medical-grade, dermatologist-approved acne treatment.

Hollywood's Secret Fire and Ice Facial

The Fire and Ice Facial utilizes a two-step process of resurfacing and rejuvenating masks to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. The “fire” mask contains retinoids to revive dull complexions, while the “ice” mask soothes and hydrates with plant extracts and antioxidants.

Facial Services at Colair

Enjoy a number of facial treatments targeting your many needs at Colair. Learn about each of our therapies and how we can help your skin. We utilize the E-mage skin imaging device to pull up a 3D analysis of your pores, skin spots and other impurities to customize your experience when undergoing treatment. Give us a call for a consultation and learn how you can take advantage of our skin analysis technology to improve your skin.

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