DiamondGlow Facial in Gilbert

What is DiamondGlow?

Innovative and backed by science, DiamondGlow offers a deeper, more hydrating clean for the pores on your skin. Formerly known as Dermalinfusion, this patented, diamond-tipped wand provides a more thorough exfoliation, extraction and infusion into the skin. DiamondGlow works its magic while pores are opened up and most receptive to the cleaning effects flushed underneath the surface. This amazing skin-resurfacing treatment is a non-invasive treatment that is totally customizable, and leaves skin in beautiful condition with its 3-in-1 approach.

Think of the treatment as a vacuum for your pores, but instead of just extracting, it’s also infusing your skin with incredible serums at the same time. From anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and among many other concerns, dehydrated skin, this specialized facial does it all. It increases volume in the skin by 70%, improves radiance, visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and even stimulates cell renewal. At Colair in Gilbert, we use DiamondGlow to deliver a premium experience that deeply cleans and rejuvenates your skin beyond a normal facial.

Formerly known as Dermalinfusion

Deeper, more hydrating clean

Removes blackhead-causing pores

Discover the Diamond Glow Facial

At Colair, we are proud to have one of the country’s only certified Diamond Glow trainers, ensuring that your skin is in the most skilled and experienced hands. Our expert technicians will customize your treatment to address your unique skincare concerns, delivering results that exceed your expectations.

How Does DiamondGlow Work?

In one swift swipe, the machine is extracting the gunk from your face and deeply applying hydrating serums. The best part? You’ll see the glass container full of impurities that were pulled from your face. Those who suffer from deep blackheads on their nose see huge benefits from DiamondGlow. As it sucks out all of the congestion from your skin, the hydrating serum is penetrating deep into your skin. You’ll find yourself seriously glowing and feeling squeaky-clean.

Also, if your skin has an uneven texture from acne or some general sun damage, you’ll find that this treatment helps tremendously. This is a great option if you’re preparing your skin for a big event or moment that you want to look your best at.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Prior to your treatment, you’ll decide on one of five condition-specific serums that work with the machine: Hydrating, Vitamin C, Pore Clarifying, Skin Brightening, or Anti-Aging. During the facial, you will feel a mild suction from the wand. But perhaps the most fascinating part of the facial is at the end where you’re able to see what was pulled out of your face. It’s an instant value maker.

After the treatment, you can expect to see some redness – but not so much that will keep you from going about the rest of your day. DiamondGlow facials do not burst or pop any blood vessels that cause redness or irritation. Your skin will feel much softer than when you walked in – which will be just as satisfying as seeing all the impurities removed from your pores! Use this treatment on any part of your body that is suffering from congestion, ideal for those suffering from congestion on their back or chest.