Hand Fillers in Gilbert

What Does Hand Rejuvenation Do?

Hand rejuvenation treatments provide a more youthful appearance using similar procedures taken towards the face. Filler injections add volume to reduce the veinous and boniness developed from aging. As a whole, hand rejuvenation utilizes several treatments to achieve the aesthetic look you want, including covering dark spots and adding fillers to increase volume. Colair Beauty Lounge and Med Spa takes a minimally invasive approach to provide the most natural appeal for your skin. We use hyaluronic acid products, which is already found in your skin barrier, to redirect injections into the areas of your hands that need it most.

Restores lost volume due to age

Conceals veins and tendons

Offers youthful, full appearance

Dermal Fillers for Hands

Much like their effect on areas of the face, dermal fillers for hands can reduce wrinkles and sag caused by aging. This method provides results almost immediately and is less invasive than undertaking a surgical procedure or using anesthesia. Injecting fillers into your hands also isn’t a permanent change – if you end up not liking what you see, the fillers will dissolve about a year following your treatment. But, a Colair registered nurse will consult with you to hear out your thoughts and ideas, and develop recommendations to ensure you get exactly what you want.