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Regular physical exams are a critical part of our preventative health.

Whether it’s getting annual blood work or a mammogram, being proactive with our bodies is the best way to get or stay ahead of any issues before they become unmanageable.

But when was the last time you had an exam of your hair and scalp? 

Just like a dermatologist for your skin or a cardiologist for your heart, a thorough exam of the health and condition of your hair and scalp can help you detect any issues before it’s too late.

To help you be more proactive with your hair and scalp health, Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa has launched a brand new advanced hair and scalp health analysis system: GroTrack.

What’s GroTrack?

GroTrack is an AI-powered hair and scalp analysis system that uses advanced imaging technology to:

  • Analyze your hair thickness, condition and scalp health 
  • Measure the improvement in your hair density if receiving hair or scalp treatments
  • Offer insights into your scalp’s pH balance, follicular health, moisture levels and more
  • Make personalized product and treatment recommendations 
GroTrack Hair Analysis

Think of it like a super high-powered magnifying glass for your scalp that uncovers the intricacies of your hair and scalp health. No more guessing with the naked eye — GroTrack uses data to measure and track the health of your hair and scalp conditions. 

GroTrack also helps you stay ahead of the game by identifying potential hair and scalp issues before they become visible. Proactive measures are the name of the game, and now we’re able to detect issues much earlier.

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The GroTrack Hair & Scalp Analysis: What to Expect

Your GroTrack analysis includes:

  • High-resolution before and after images for easy comparison
  • A custom hair & scalp report 
  • Charts and graphs showcasing hair & scalp health progress
  • Treatment recommendations backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and expert human input
  • A personal review of your report with one of our expert hair stylists
GroTrack Hair & Scalp Analysis

GroTrack gives you the confidence you need in your hair and scalp health. This is especially helpful in the early stages of a new treatment or products when improvement may not be visible to the naked eye.

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How Does GroTrack Work?

The GroTrack hair analysis process is a breeze and takes only about 15 minutes. GroTrack does its magic by analyzing and measuring hair and scalp health using AI-powered algorithms. In other words, you’ll have scientific evidence about your hair and scalp health.  

Here’s how it works:

Capture: We take high-resolution global and macro hair and scalp images quickly.
Analyze: Our AI sends your images to the cloud for data analysis.

Present: See your data and treatment results in real time, all reviewed by one of our highly trained providers!

GroTrack: Analyze, then Treat

Once we’ve analyzed your hair and scalp with GroTrack, our team of Hair and Scalp experts can craft a personalized treatment plan just for you, including product recommendations, specific treatments, or lifestyle adjustments.

Hair pHix

With GroTrack data in hand, our stylists can monitor your progress and fine-tune treatments along the way, ensuring that you always receive the best care.

Colair’s hair stylists aren’t just skilled; they’re experts when it comes to hair and scalp care. They’ve undergone extensive training, giving them a deep grasp of various hair and scalp issues and how to remedy them.

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No purchase necessary — we just want to show you what a game-changer this technology is for hair care.

At Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa, we recognize that beauty is more than skin deep. It’s about feeling confident, and it’s about well-being. Ensuring you have healthy hair and scalp plays a pivotal role in contributing to your overall health and happiness.

Schedule Your FREE GroTrack Hair Analysis
$200 Value!

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