IV Therapy Benefits

IV Therapy Benefits for Athletic Performance

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IV Therapy Benefits for Athletes

From pros to weekend warriors, athletes are increasingly turning to IV therapy for recovery and gains. Let’s explore the science behind why hydration and nutrient IVs can boost athletic performance, endurance, and workout recovery.

How Do Athletes Benefit from IV Therapy?

IVs help athletes in several ways:

Rapid Rehydration

High-intensity training leads to fluid and electrolyte depletion. IVs quickly replenish what’s lost through sweat. Proper hydration enhances strength, endurance, VO2 max, and heart health.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

IV magnesium and vitamins B & C combat lactic acid buildup that causes muscle burn and fatigue. Athletes report having more sustained energy and stamina.

Decreased Recovery Times

Hydration IVs can flush out inflammatory byproducts so muscles rapidly bounce back. Nutrient IVs also may reduce exercise-induced cell damage. Athletes return to training faster after tough workouts.

Improved Immune Function

Heavy exertion combined with travel, erratic sleep and stress suppresses immunity in athletes. IV vitamin C pumps up immune function to reduce illness risk.

Mental Clarity and Focus

IVs may provide a surge of energizing nutrients to the brain. Mental sharpness and concentration can improve, aiding athletes in high-pressure performances.

IV Therapy Provides a Performance Edge

Intravenous therapies containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids offer athletes a permitted and effective way to support training and gain an edge.

  • Ingredients like vitamin C, B-complex, magnesium and glutathione are safe, natural substances already present in the body.
  • Dosing through IV infusion allows higher absorption compared to oral supplements for enhanced benefits.
  • Nutrient IVs aid performance gains by replenishing fluids, reducing inflammation, speeding muscle recovery, and increasing energy.
  • Studies demonstrate IV vitamin protocols may legally elevate markers like endurance, blood oxygen saturation, and post-exercise recovery in athletes.
  • There is no question about ethics or fairness. IV therapies contain the same helpful nutrients athletes obtain through diet, just delivered more efficiently.

Why are IVs Better Than Oral Supplements for Athletes?

During intense exercise, a large portion of the blood supply is directed away from the digestive system and shunted toward the muscles, lungs and heart. This impairment of gastrointestinal function makes it difficult for athletes to efficiently absorb oral supplements.

  • Reduced gut blood flow results in only 10-20% absorption of nutrients from traditional pills and powders. The remaining 80-90% passes through unutilized.
  • IV therapy bypasses the digestive obstacles altogether during training by delivering fluids, vitamins and minerals straight into the bloodstream.
  • This means 100% of the supplement gets transported directly to organs and tissues to be used, rather than excreted.
  • The intravenous route also allows for much higher dosing not possible with oral regimens. For example, a 10 gram IV dose of vitamin C has clinically proven benefits that cannot be replicated taking oral doses.
  • Pre-competition IVs provide a rapid infusion to muscle cells in a state of depletion, without relying on absorption through the impaired gut.

IV Therapy for Athletes at Colair Beauty

The science is clear – IV vitamin and nutrient therapy can provide significant performance, endurance and recovery benefits for athletes. Unlike oral supplements, IV protocols deliver ingredients straight into the bloodstream for up to 100% absorption and utilization. Athletes get more out of every vitamin, mineral and amino acid.

At Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa, we offer customized IV therapy formulas designed specifically for athletes’ training needs. Our registered nurses expertly administer ingredients to help  hydrate, reduce inflammation, speed muscle recovery, improve sleep, and boost immunity and mental clarity.

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