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After fuller, more luscious lips? Now’s the perfect time with our $75 off lip filler offer! At Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa in Gilbert, AZ, our expert injectors work closely with you to achieve your desired level of fullness and shape, ensuring a result that looks both natural and flattering. We believe that lip filler should complement your unique features, not distract from them. With our personalized approach, you can trust that your lips will be in the best hands.

Fuller and Voluminous Lips

Augment and Correct

Can Dissolve or Add Enhancements

Fuller and Voluminous Lips

Augment and Correct

Can Dissolve or Add Enhancements

Why Lip Fillers?

Lip injections are a quick, non-surgical way to enhance your lips, making them look plump and hydrated. Our lip fillers use hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that keeps your skin looking youthful and refreshed.

Why Choose Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa?

Top Experts:
Our skilled and certified injectors are pros at getting you the look you want.

Custom Treatments:
We tailor every treatment to highlight your natural beauty.

Trusted Name:
Gilbert’s top-rated med spa is known for our personalized care and stunning results.

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Real Client Before & Afters

Our team of expert injectors will collaborate with you to craft a custom treatment plan tailored to the look you’re going for.

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Our 3-Step Process for Perfect Lips

Step 1: Free Consultation with an Expert Injector

Start your journey with a one-on-one chat with our skilled injector. We’ll talk about your goals, answer your questions, and create a treatment plan tailored just for you. This ensures we understand your vision and can deliver the results you want.

Step 2: Your Lip Filler Treatment Appointment

When it’s time for your treatment, we make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed with a medical-grade numbing cream to keep things pain-free. Our expert injector will carefully administer the lip filler, and you can use a mirror to give feedback during the process. In just 30 minutes, you’ll walk out with gorgeous, fuller lips.

Step 3: Follow-Up for Perfect Results

Two weeks after your treatment, we’ll check in with a follow-up appointment to make sure you’re loving your new look. We’ll see how everything’s healing, make any tweaks if needed, and answer any other questions you have. Your happiness is our top priority, and we’re here to ensure you adore your results.

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Got Filler Questions? We've Got Answers!

You can expect your new look to last between four months to a year, depending on your metabolism and lifestyle. And if you ever want to go back, your filler can be easily dissolved.
You’ll notice fuller lips right away, but give it two weeks for any swelling to go down and the filler to settle. That’s when you’ll love your results!
Common side effects include temporary swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. But these usually resolve within a few days. Our expert injectors will provide you with aftercare instructions to minimize any discomfort.
Because our injectors spend time with our clients before their treatment to understand the kind of look they’re going for, the vast majority of our clients end up loving their results. The good news is, if you’re not satisfied, filler can be dissolved or additional treatments can be given to give you the results you’re wanting.
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Tips for Your Treatment

  • Share any vitamins, medications, and supplements you’re taking with our registered nurse.
  • Skip alcohol, aspirin, and fish oil supplements 48 hours before your appointment.
  • If you get cold sores, let us know in advance.
  • Everything starts with a detailed consultation with our registered nurse to ensure you get the results you want.
  • We apply a medical-grade numbing cream to keep things comfortable.
  • The whole process takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll see results immediately.
  • Don’t touch your lips for 48 hours to avoid infection.
  • Avoid intense workouts for two days.
  • Skip the straw for 14 days to let the filler settle perfectly.

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